I went through high school saying I would be an architect or an aeronautical engineer. I was a good student, strong in math and science and most people thought either of these occupations suited me well. In college, I took a left turn and majored in fine arts, and I utimately graduated with a degree in Art Education.

Practicums and internships aside, I never taught. After graduation, I worked as a graphic artist for a multimedia developer. I moved on to become an illustrator, then an art director, and ultimately a creative director.

Following the path of least resistance...

So, about Mythigaia... Mythigaia began as my idea for an interactive book with written, visual and audio components. As I planned-out content and pursued a few ideas -- sketches, plot outlines, etc. -- I went considerably off track. Initially, I wanted a simple music loop to play in the background of certain pages. This notion expanded to become a soundtrack of sorts and I lost over a year learning rudimentary music composition.

As it is right now, Mythigaia is something of a curio cabinet showcasing a few unrelated drawings, paintings and musical bits. Contrary to its original purpose, there is no writing.

I'm not a fireman, an engineer nor a teacher, and I'm unlikely to be a writer. But I am an illustrator, an art director and an amateur composer, and Mythigaia.com is where I'll put my meandering, mismatched ideas on display... for now.

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